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Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund announces Request for Proposals 2015

Global and regional networks and consortia of networks that meet the definitions and criteria set by the RfP, are invited to apply for a grant to support core-funding and/or programmatic needs of the network for up to three years (2016-2018).

Exciting Leadership Changes at ASAP

ASAP has a new, dynamic leadership team. At the start of February 2015 ASAP’s founder, Robin Gorna, moved to Geneva to lead PMNCH (the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health). Hilary Nkulu and Sue Perez – ASAP’s new leadership team – will be supported by Jeff Hoover.

AIDS: Transforming Global Health – Commentary by ASAP’s Executive Director in the Lancet today

ASAP Executive Director writes in today's Lancet

ASAP’s Director Robin Gorna on the post-2015 agenda

Robin discusses in her article for the Huffington Post how the post-2015 agenda needs to learn from the past and get the balance right for the future: keeping the right focus on AIDS and getting the links right – with women’s health, children’s health and human rights. Robin’s current article is an abridged version of...

ASAP’s Director, Robin Gorna, on the place of AIDS in a post-2015 world, and how women’s health can build on what works well

Robin discusses how the Architecture of AIDS has been fundamental to the successes over the past 30 years in her chapter in the Alliance publication 'AIDS Today: Tell no lies and claim no easy victories'

Women4GF TB Advocates Meeting Outcomes Statement

From 27-29 October 2013, nearly 20 individuals with extensive experience on TB advocacy, from 13 countries, met in Paris, in the margins of the Lung Union conference to focus on gender equality and the Global Fund.

Women4GF TB Advocates Meeting Outcomes Statement