ASAP provided extensive support – including organization, facilitation, analysis and report-writing – for a series of four consultations with representatives of more than 70 countries implementing grants from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

This series of meetings was designed to support Implementers to engage effectively with the Global Fund Board and Committees, by ensuring that, as a bloc, Implementers’ voices were informed, coherent and strong, and better able to influence the Global Fund’s future direction and achievements.

The consultations were convened and sponsored by UNAIDS together with WHO and the Stop TB Partnership. They were held in three locations: Geneva (December 2010 and March 2011), Dakar (April 2011) and Nairobi (November 2011).

Each meeting brought together up to 80 people for up to three days. Participants included Global Fund Board members, alternates and members of the committees and delegations, with a broad range of implementers, among them chairs of Country Coordinating Mechanisms and representatives from principal recipients and sub-recipients.

Implementers from more than 70 countries took part in the consultations, and a significant proportion of participants came from civil society sector and communities affected by the three diseases.

The goal was to strengthen the work and achievements of the Global Fund, and to ensure that implementers’ voices were strong and central to the organisation as it evolves, including through greater engagement in the governance structures.

The meetings were designed to provide a neutral platform for Global Fund implementers to meet and engage with each other in order to develop their thinking and approach to upcoming debates, discussions and decisions in the Global Fund Board and committee meetings. The consultations were timed immediately before key events in the governance calendar and focused on emerging issues (eg policies on prioritisation and eligibility, the comprehensive transformation plan, the new strategy). The approach was to introduce and discuss new and proposed Global Fund policies, strategies and programming revisions, and then to solicit feedback and input from implementers. The discussions focused on specific policies undergoing change of development, and drew upon Implementer experiences with and expectations of the Global Fund more generally.


UNAIDS, with WHO and the Stop TB Partnership


ASAP’s Director worked closely with the sponsors – UNAIDS, WHO and Stop TB Partnership – and with implementer participants to devise and facilitate an approach that maximised participation and results. This included preparing the context, background reading and participation at the meeting, devising a highly interactive agenda, in advance of the meeting. At the meetings, ASAP’s Director was the lead (and on two occasions the sole) facilitator.  In addition to facilitating the consultation, she worked closely with the meeting coordinators to modify the agenda to adapt and respond to emerging needs. The consultations were conducted in English and French.

At the conclusion of the two major consultations – in Dakar and Nairobi – ASAP supported small drafting committees of the implementers to produce an Outcome Document that issued at the close of the meeting.  These outputs played a central role in supporting further development of  implementer inputs to the Global Fund Board meetings and related formal processes.


ASAP’s concise reports on the meeting were produced within days.

Global Fund Implementers Meeting April 2011_Dakar Outcome Document
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Global Fund Implementers Meeting Nov 2011_Nairobi Outcome Document
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